Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shaking in the New Year

First big quake of the year... A Mag. 7 off the coast... Hope it won't be an omen of things to come. Happy New Year to you, too, Earth!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Where to begin....

I have been thinking about this blog for a long time... The biggest consideration has been where to begin. Not really knowing what to write about... (bags yes but what about them) I posted some photos of my stuff. A good start? A bad start? Neither really, a start which is good, but then I continued to wonder what I should write about.

Then in my gloryous wisdom (tongue firmly planted in cheak while typing that one) while chatting with my dearest friend and spouting out all my sage advice about how to get things done, it dawned on me I really need to take my own advice!


Its the most important step in any project, plan or idea. If you never take action nothing happens, your projects, plans or ideas stay as they are unfinished or even worse upstarted. Most often it doesn't even mater where you begin, the meer action of starting often kick starts the momentum to get things going or even finished.

This reminds me of some sage advice my parents gave me when I was in school...

"The worst part of homework is thinking about it, if you just sat down and started it, it would be over before you know it."

If only I understood this better when I was in school.... oh well live and learn...

Anyway, this seems to be true for so many things, the dishes, cleaning, loosing weight, painting the house, doing your taxes, learning a language or instrument or new skill, starting a business or a blog or getting fit. The key in every situation is taking action or as Nike puts it "Just do it"

So now I'm sitting here taking action, interestingly I didn't even plan what to write I sat at my computer with a hot coffee and typed the most obvious thing... the rest just flowed.

Here's to taking action and all the great things that come from it...

Merry Christmas