Sunday, January 1, 2012


Its been a big year, with terrifying earthquakes coupled with more terrifying nuclear disaster, saying goodbye to friends, making new friends, new jobs, finding a new path and passion and it ended with my mum in hospital for christmas and just today we had a Magnitude 7 earthquake and my grandmothers sister died. A lesson learnt.

While we say goodbye to the year just passed and welcome in the new, I realised that if you take away that measure of time, today is the same, the same as yesterday and the same as tomorrow. Events still happen earthquakes still shake, people still die and the sun still sets.... The only true moment we have is this one right now, no measure of time required. Its in this very moment that we create our lives and effect the lives of those around us. This moment might be your last or someone else's last so this is the moment that counts and its in your power to make it good or bad, valuable or wasted. This is the moment you have to make your life as you want it to be... and to help others with theirs, not yesterday not tomorrow but right now.

So here's to making each and every moment count, good or bad its up to you.

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